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TONAR products were repeatedly awarded the medals of the competition "The Best Product of The Year"




The Group of companies “TONAR” presented the goods at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition - EFTTEX 2017 in Budapest. 

International exhibition EFTTEX-2017, where all the newest fishing technologies and equipment annually are demonstrated, gathered together the best representatives of fishing tackle market in Budapest from 29 June to 1 July, 2017.

For the first time “TONAR” took the part in this exhibition and introduced to the European market the goods of the own production of the trademarks “TONAR” and “Helios” which attracted interest of exhibition visitors from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Great Britain, the USA and Australia.

It is important to note that EFTTEX is a specialized event where meet major wholesale companies, dealers and agents, directors and top managers of retail chains and shops which choose fishing goods for forthcoming season.

For people who are fascinated with winter fishing, the Group of companies “TONAR” proposed the wide assortment of ice-augers, fishing boxes, tackles and also functional fishing suits, which are in a good demand among fishermen in Russia.

In the assortment of ice-augers “Iceberg” any fisherman can choose an ice-auger with a suitable boring deep: from 85cm (a new model “Iceberg-Mini 130R v2.0”, which is good for the first ice and for small thickness of ice in the European countries) to 1,9m (the ice-auger “Iceberg-Arctic 130R v2.0” produced with the special reinforced construction for heavy ice in the north regions).

Ice augers TONAR

Additionally, an ice-auger with a new diameter of 110 mm was presented atthe stand – “Iceberg-Siberia 110R v2.0". It is popular with sportsmen. The ice-auger have seamless spiral with extended spacing of turns, that guarantees quick release of the slush from the hole, decreases the efforts for drilling and prevents jamming.The removable cutting head of reinforced composite is completed with semicircular sharp blades which are made of high quality steel and provide fast and easy ice drilling.  All visitors of our stand highly appreciated the quality of manufacturing of TONAR ice-augers, and its fair value, which is exponentially lower than prices for foreign analogues.

TONAR ice augers

Boxes for ice fishing of the trademark Helios also caught visitors interest with the help of variety of models, hard and frost-resistant plastic, and also thought out to the new construction with hinged compartments, sections for fishing tackle and rods. The box «Fishbox 10L» was presented in the category «Best new boxes, holders, bags and luggage» in the competition «Best New Product».

FishBox 10L Helios

Clothes for fishing and active rest also was presented at the stand. Renew design of the suit “CHARYSH Extreme», its functional cutting, high quality membrane Fitsystem (10000/10000), modern thermal insulation Alpolux allowed to become the uniform of Russian Ice-fishing team and to stand extreme weather conditions at the World Championship 2017 in Latvia.

Suit «Altay Explorer» was nominated for the category «Best new clothing» of the competition «Best New Product», and was highly appreciated for ergonomic cutting and high quality and take the respected second place.

Thank for the modern design, intense membrane (10000/10000), taped seams and thought-out components location suit «Altay Explorer» is most comfortable for wearing in any weather conditions and fits ideally for fishing and active tourism.


Goods for summer fishing of the trademarks TONAR and Helios also attracted attention of the visitors of the exhibition. The wall with bright packings with silicone lures attracted at once, and the presented assortment of various sizes and colours surprised even experienced fishermen.

Silicon lures Helios

All baits are produced in two variants: inedible and edible forms with addition of tasteful attractants which provoke the fish for an attack.

New models of soft lures «Jap» and «Guru» will be the hit of spin fishing in this season.

The PVC boats produced by the Group of Companies “TONAR” also interested the buyers from Europe. In the assortment everybody can choose necessary boat for yourself: from rowboat with the length 1,9m to motor boat with the length 4m with both a hard floor or an inflatable bottom of low pressure.

Impressive view of folding chairs and stools made with intense pipe (19mm and 22mm), mangals and smokers made from steel 1,5mm, 2mm and 3mm satisfied everybody in reliability of theirs construction.

Sleeping bags were presented at the stand by the line “ALTAY” of the trademark Helios. Made from modern materials, they have functional cutting and keep comfortable sleep in the out-of-doors in any conditions.

During 3 days of the exhibition a lot of meetings and negotiations was hold. Members of the Group of companies “TONAR” created welcoming atmosphere at the stand. Consultations of the produced assortment of goods, a cup of hot tea with the Altay herbs, Russian round cracknel and honey, pleasant conversations were guaranteed to all visitors of the stand.

We thank all our partners and clients who visited our stand. Hope for further mutually profitable cooperation!





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