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TONAR products were repeatedly awarded the medals of the competition "The Best Product of The Year"


«TONAR AGRO 2,5» was presented at the exhibition Agrotechnika 2018 in Poland

«TONAR AGRO 2,5» was presented at the exhibition Agrotechnika 2018 in Poland

The agricultural exhibition XXVI Targi Rolne Agrotechnika 2018 was held in the Polish town of Bratoševice on the 21 - 22 of April, 2018.

A representative of "TONAR" in Poland - Wojciech Sneg - presented to the visitors of the exhibition the energy-saving planting complex "TONAR AGRO 2.5" with a working width of 2.5 m, that performs all operations of the spring-autumn cycle of sowing and tillage of energy and resource-saving technologies. The machine has aroused a great interest among Polish farmers due to its unique design and new seeding technology.
The "TONAR AGRO" complex sows up to 6 crops at the same time at the optimum seeding rate and depth. Cultivated crops: cereals, legumes (including peas), small-seeded crops (rape, flax, Sudan grass, vetch, etc.). 
In the fields of the Wojciech Sneg farm oats, a mixture of oats and barley, lupins were sown with the complex "TONAR AGRO 2.5" this year.
The "TONAR AGRO 2.5" complex was also shown in action on the demonstration field. 
Due to the block-module construction (it is possible to grip 1 to 4 pieces in a single complex with a working width of 5 m, 7,5 m and 10 m), "TONAR AGRO" complex allows to be aggregated with tractors from 1.4 to 7 tons.
The use of the complex "TONAR AGRO" reduces the fuel consumption by 3 times, the labor input - by 3.7 times and the number of machings - by 4 times!
"TONAR AGRO 2.5" was highly estimated by Polish farmers. And our representative Wojciech Sneg received the diploma of the exhibition for innovative developments in sowing agricultural machinery for the presented complex "TONAR AGRO 2.5".

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