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Anti-mosquito suit STOP-KLESHCH

Anti-mosquito suit STOP-KLESHCHAnti-mosquito suit STOP-KLESHCHAnti-mosquito suit STOP-KLESHCH

This is an antiencephalitic suit excellently protecting from mites and blood-sucking insects. Five special tucks-traps, cuffs-wristbands on sleeves, inner gaiters on pants, hood with mosquito-resistant net and inner shirt sewed to the jacket and inserted into the pants – all these details ensure maximum protection from mite penetration into body and insect stings. Tucks-traps are made of white pile fabric inside, which keeps mites and prevents their penetration to the body. Traps can be additionally treated with a special insectoacaricide agent, as a result of which the mite caught by such a trap falls into a state of paralysis and rolls down the clothes.
The jacket is made in form of anorak with short zipper up to chest and 3 pockets. The hood is covered with antimosquito net. There are 2 pockets and special strengthening cover plates in the knee area on pants.
Material: special fabric with 65% PE, 35% cotton.

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