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Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)

Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)Winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios)

Most ice anglers prefer to take fishing boxes with them when going to ice fishing. A winter box FISHBOX 10L (Helios) can be used as a chair to sit on while angling and is good for the transportation of rods other fishing tackles and, finally, you can place your catches in it. It has a quick access hatch on the front side, 2 hinged compartments, 3 inner boxes and a special compartment for fishing rods, foam seat for comfort an adjustable shoulder strap.
Size: 432x230x404.5 mm, volume – 10 L.
Weight - 2.4 kg.
Material: durable cold resistant hard plastic. Waterproof
Max. load – 120 kg.
Color:  green or orange.

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