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TONAR products were repeatedly awarded the medals of the competition "The Best Product of The Year"


Boat SHKIPER А260 (inflatable bottom)

Boat SHKIPER А260 (inflatable bottom)

Inflatable boat SHKIPER A260 (with inflatable bottom of low pressure) has a classical O-type shape and spaciuos inner area that allows to place 2 passengers as well as a cargo. Fully welded seams. Perfect manoeuvrability, stability and control. Shell of boat is made from five-layer PVC 750 g./ m2. Advantages of inflatable bottom: light draft, additional heat insulation in cold weather, bottom absorption. Characteristics: Length: 2,60 m., Width: 1,23 m., Tube diameter – 0,33 m., Weight – 15 kg., Loading capacity: 210 kg., Passenger capacity: 2 persons., Package dimensions: 0,7x0,4x0,3 m. Components: foot pump, two oars with oar holders,  boat carry bag, repair kit, owner`s manual. 

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