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Titanic ice-augers

Ice auger Titan TLR-100SD-2N 550 (2 blades, sports, short)

Ice auger Titan  TLR-100SD-2N 550 (2 blades, sports, short)

Max ice thickness: 1060 mm.

Diameter - 100 mm.

Weight – 1.6 kg.


Ice auger Titan TLR-100SD-2N 550 is made of titanium and has two distinguished characteristics – extremely low weight and high strength. Titan resists to corrosion. The ice auger has two blades. The upper handle of the ice auger is displaced from the ice auger’s axis in 130 mm, the lower in 150 mm. Such a position of handles makes it possible to turn the ice auger simultaneously by both hands, thus increasing the speed of drilling holes in ice. Furthermore the size of ice auger in folded position is essentially decreased. Ice auger has counter-clockwise rotation.

High speed of drilling, minimum efforts in combination with remarkable reliability and strength determined the choice of dozens and hundreds of fishermen in Russia and abroad in favour of “Barnaul” ice augers.


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