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Boat ALTAY A360

Recommended retail price: 53290 RUB

Boat ALTAY A360Boat ALTAY A360Boat ALTAY A360

Boat ALTAY A360 has a new form of the inflatable bottom, which increases the navigability and handleability of the boat.

Fabric type: five-layer PVC 1100 g./ m2. Fully welded seams.



Length: 360 cm.,

Width: 169 cm.,

Cockpit length: 250 cm.,

Cockpit width: 75 cm.,

Tube diameter – 47 cm.,

Tube/bottom pressure – 0,24 kgf.

Number of air chambers – 3+1.

Loading capacity: 500 kg.

Passenger capacity: 5 persons.

Weight: 43 kg.

Package dimension: 115x76x29 cm.

Engine power (maximum): 18 HP.

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