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Barnaul, pr. Kalinina 30/7
tel. / fax: +7 (3852) 39-88-09 (wholesale), 227-225 (reception)
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TONAR products were repeatedly awarded the medals of the competition "The Best Product of The Year"


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Foto Name Recommended
retail price
Boat ADMIRAL A340 (inflatable bottom) Boat ADMIRAL A340 (inflatable bottom) 45590 RUB
Boat ADMIRAL S340 Boat ADMIRAL S340 39990 RUB
Boat ADMIRAL S340 R-Line 46390 RUB
Boat ADMIRAL S360 Boat ADMIRAL S360 47990 RUB
Boat ADMIRAL S360 R-Line Boat ADMIRAL S360 R-Line 55590 RUB
Boat ALTAY 320L Boat ALTAY 320L 36890 RUB
Boat ALTAY 340L Boat ALTAY 340L 38990 RUB
Boat ALTAY 400 Boat ALTAY 400 56990 RUB
Boat ALTAY 400 R-Line Boat ALTAY 400 R-Line 64499 RUB
Boat ALTAY 400А (inflatable bottom) Boat ALTAY 400А (inflatable bottom) 62990 RUB
Boat ALTAY A320 Boat ALTAY A320 39990 RUB
Boat ALTAY A340 Boat ALTAY A340 45590 RUB
Boat ALTAY A360 Boat ALTAY A360 53290 RUB
Boat ALTAY S340 39990 RUB
Boat ALTAY S340 R-Line 46390 RUB
Boat ALTAY S360 47990 RUB
Boat ALTAY S360 R-Line 55590 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN 260Т Boat CAPTAIN 260Т 11290 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN 280Т Boat CAPTAIN 280Т 11590 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN 280ТS Boat CAPTAIN 280ТS 16290 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN A320 (with inflatable bottom) Boat CAPTAIN A320 (with inflatable bottom) 41990 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN Т290 (keel+floor) Boat CAPTAIN Т290 (keel+floor) 20790 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN Т300 (keel+floor) Boat CAPTAIN Т300 (keel+floor) 22990 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN Т310 (keel+floor) Boat CAPTAIN Т310 (keel+floor) 23990 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN Т320 (keel+floor) Boat CAPTAIN Т320 (keel+floor) 23490 RUB
Boat CAPTAIN Т330 (keel+floor) Boat CAPTAIN Т330 (keel+floor) 22890 RUB

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