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Boat ADMIRAL S360 R-Line

Boat ADMIRAL S360 R-Line

Inflatable boat ADMIRAL S360 Rock Line has the additional restriction coating of the bottom, baloons and keel by special PVC layer that provides a longer period of usage. It was developed specially for usage on mountain rivers, lakes & water storages. Thanks to enhanced deadrise, the boat is easy to navigate and has high manoeuvrability. Increased board diameter allows to use heavy & high-power engine. The boat has impressive agility and capacities, making it a perfect model for fishing, camping and family fun! The boat cockpit is very deep and spacious. The boat has a hard insert-type bottom made from damp-proof plywood with antiskid coating.  Reliable life line with line bar is an excellent safety feature. Reinforced transom is great for heavy engines in extreme conditions.

Fabric type: five-layer PVC 1100 g./ m2. Fully welded seams.

Characteristics: Length: 360 cm., Width: 169 cm., Cockpit length: 251 cm., Cockpit width: 75 cm., Tube diameter – 47 cm., Tube/bottom pressure – 0,24 kgf. Number of air chambers – 3+keel. Loading capacity: 550 kg. Passenger capacity: 5 persons. Transom thickness – 25 mm.  Weight: 68 kg. Package dimensions: 105x70x25 cm., 95x12x65 cm. Recommended engine power: 15 HP. Engine power (maximum): 20 HP. Maximum engine weight – 56 kg.
Components: foot pump, two oars with oar holders, 2 seats, 2 boat carry bags, repair kit, owner`s manual. 

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